Hi you again and welcome to my little piece of the internet!Marija Smanja

My name is Marija, a 33 year old photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The area I live in is gorgeous, with interesting nature and lots of great places for shooting. Photography is almost easy when you have such incredible locations.

I enjoy different types of photography because of the challenges they bring, but the thing I like most about photography is that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be able to learn everything that photography has to offer. It’s that versatile, interesting and broad.

On the other hand, finished photographs are greatly rewarding. They make people feel honest emotions if they see a captured piece of a soul, a moment of someone’s true happiness, sadness or a story that’s been waiting to be told. They can provoke curiosity, nostalgia, peace, restlessness and much more just from a glance.

I hope you’re here because you like what I do, want to collaborate with me or hire me; but if those aren’t the reasons why you are here and you’ve just stumbled upon my site; that’s fine too. What ever the reason, if you have something constructive to tell me about my photography or this website, feel free to  contact me. It’ll be greatly appreciated.